why should I grijibox?

of cause all kinds of lightboxes are nice and powerfull in there own way, but I’m sure every webdeveloper knows, sometimes its not that easy to use them.

Usually, if you have found a lightbox you like, you are bound to use the framework that supports exactly this lightbox.

Otherwise, maybe you don’t want to implement a rich javascript framework just for using a lightbox.

the idea behind

The main target of grijibox is to accomplish a nice image displaying-solution whereby a webdeveloper doesn’t have to care about browser, framework and source.

give me examples

there are two ways of using the grijibox

the carefree way, just include the two files (hosted by me) into your page like in the source:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<style type="text/css" media="screen">
@import "";

download the latest grijibox package (containing sample code) and host by your own.

how to get it work?

just add a rel="grijiImage" attribute to every linked image you want to display in grijibox

<a href="path/to/image.jpg">{smallImage}</a>

<a href="path/to/image.jpg" rel="grijiImage" >{smallImage}</a>

browser support?

os ie6 ie7 firefox 3 Safari 3 Safari beta 4
windows xp supported supported supported supported not tested
osx Leopard - - supported supported supported
iphone os - - - supported -
---supported ---no such browser


if you have questions please visit my depending blog post

do you like this stuff?

feel free to show me how much you like it ;)